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All information related to the beginning of golf for beginners. We were all beginners at some point in our golf, and being able to accompany you through articles and revelations that help your evolution will provide me with a lot of satisfaction.

Getting started in a sport, whatever it is, you start with a lot of motivation, which increases when you check the progress that is being made in the beginning. Golf is no different. In the beginning, the progress is very large per fades as it is assimilating the understanding of the game.

What I choose: pitch and putt or golf club

A passion for golf is not enough to understand all the terms of this sport. In fact, once you have entered this magnificent world, you begin to discover really interesting things to consider. So let’s go into a field where not everyone knows what pitch and putt are. Once you know what it is, you’ll be clearer if you sign up for a pitch and putt or a golf club.

The wonderful thing about golf is that once you get into it, all the concepts will change you forever. When you think you already know everything, it will be when new surprises will appear at your side. And it is really necessary, as it is the only way to understand the essence of golf, the origins, and history of a sport that many people still do not know about many of the basic concepts.

And it is precise because of ignorance that many of these people do not end up being amateurs of a sport that produces magic, sensations, and passion. But it has its part of logic since it has always tended to think that golf is a sport for “privileged”. And finally, now everyone is welcome to practice it and follow the most relevant players of the moment. Proof of this, many golf and pitch and putt clubs offer very competitive prices to attract new fans.

However, the best way to understand all this would be to explain one of the most unknown concepts of “golf” at the general user level, which is nothing but pitch and putt.

The most important ways to play golf

There are many types of golf; the most common are a foursome, fourball, greensome, Stableford, among others not as common as eclectic, contra part. The most important and the ones I’m going to focus on are Stroke-Play and Match-Play. Surely if you have played golf for a long time, you already know the modalities of the game involved in golf, but if you are a debutante and you are starting in golf, this article will interest you, it will be useful to know these modalities.


In the high competition, both professional and amateur, we usually play what we call a stroke-play, that is, hit by the hit on an eighteen-hole course. It will count the gross result, also called scratch, which are the real blows you make on a course, from hole one to the eighteenth. If in addition, the tournament is two, three and up to four days, you will be added the total of the days played. This mode of play is the most frequent in the Golf Championships at the level of high competition.

Basic golf rules

Elementary terms to know to begin to understand the basic golf rules. Knowing the rules of the game will allow you to feel more confident in the course know the basic golf rules know the basic golf rules will help you to speed up your experience and avoid misunderstandings and will help you to act with determination according to the circumstances of the game: accidental water: it is an accumulation of temporary water such as snow or ice.

Are you ready to play golf?

To be prepared to play golf is to know how to strike a good blow. And everything we do in the pre-preparation to hit the ball, that is, what is the static part of the swing. It will be useful for us to be able to string together a whole series of concrete movements during the golf swing. Movements that will be transcendental for the correct impact of the ball and so that the face of the stick, can reach the US.

What do I need to start playing golf?

To start playing g, olf, you will need a minimum of basic knowledge that will allow you to understand the technique and fundamental rules of golf, both etiquette and Game rules.

  • Tag to start playing golf

Practice in comfortable sports clothes, to make the swing move, so that you don’t get caught, a glove, golf shoes, or just a sneaker and ready!

  • The material you need at the beginning

As for the material you need to start with, with a stick that you can borrow or acquire. At first, it will be enough, and later, seek advice on sticks and drives suitable for you. Keep in mind that typologies and measurements are diverse, so better to have a trusted professional to advise you which ones are best suited to your physique (morphology). We need more than balls to start playing golf

  • Golf lessons

Getting in touch with a professional is another essential step not only to advise you on the most suitable material but also to teach you how to make the Basic blows and to give you an overview of the practice of golf.

  • Obtaining a Handicap

Once the professional has deemed that you are suitable for the practice of golf, the next step will be to get in touch with the federation of golf autonomous community to which you belong or to the golf club of which you are a member. Then, the professional of golf confidence, you will be in contact with the Federation territorial of golf in order to facilitate the valuation on your national handicap, in addition, you will have to overcome a test of rules of the core game, and another test of rules of etiquette.

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