If you are enthusiastic about golf, and you’re one of those who do not stay with the desire, sure you are going to investigate, which is the necessary equipment for beginners in the practice of golf. According to some research, the Dutch practiced an activity consisting only of a leather stick and ball. However, it is also attributed to China the origins of golf, these ancient games are ancestors of the current one known by golf, and it is considered that the current golf technique was produced and developed in Scotland, where the first course for this sport discipline is recorded.

Now, if you have decided to practice golf, you will need minimal equipment for your beginnings, the choice of the driver can be a little cumbersome, because of the variety of models that the market offers according to the model, material, shape, Rod, etc.

What is the essential equipment for golf practice?

The selection of the necessary equipment for the practice of golf is of utmost importance, the driver’s head must have gaunt faces that at contact with the ball produce better impact, when choosing, you must take into account that from 2008, some drives were considered illegal in competitions; with a technical demarcation to the trampoline effect, known as The Restitution coefficient, a legal maximum of 0.83, that is, if you hit a ball on the face of the stick at 100mph, it will bounce to 83 mph.

As time progresses you, will know what suits you best, according to the golf techniques and your innate style, so it is advisable not to buy costly equipment when you are starting, as they are easily scratched.

  1. Clothing for Golf

The main thing is to get the right outfit. To know what it is, we must see the membership of the club we are playing in. Some are a little stricter than others and have rather rigid demands on clothing.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the weather: it is not the same to wear summer clothes like winter or spring clothes, so we must be prepared for it.

Let’s see what requirements and tips we need to know based on each garment.

  • Slacks:

There are certain rules, depending on where you’re going to play. Most courses do not allow you to play golf in jeans or jeans. It is best to wear light materials like linen, as they will keep you fresh and comfortable.

Some clubs allow the use of shorts or Bermuda shorts. If you’re going to use them, let them get to their knees and not be gym class. You could wear Bermuda shorts khaki, but be careful with the jean, because they see very little formal and does not go with the style of the golf.

Khaki or black pants are usually used, regardless of whether they are big or small tournaments. Avoid synthetic fabrics and tight clothing: remember that golf is a sport that lasts several hours.

  • Top:

There is an unwritten standard, which is met by all golf players: Polo or long-sleeved shirts, provided they go inside the pants. If you want to wear some color in your clothing, you can reserve it for the top; however, without excesses. Bright, pink, and red leave them for another time as well as shirts with a lot of printed or recharged designs because they are usually very informal for this sport.

Because you have to be continually moving and fresh, the best thing is a loose enough shirt so you can play it cool.

As for women, they are allowed to wear sleeveless poles. When it’s bad weather, you can wear a sweater or a jacket, but never a sweatshirt or sweatshirt.

On spring and summer days (which is when there is more sun), it is best to apply a good sunscreen and put some visor, cap, or hat on your head; with this, you will get even better vision and avoid possible sunstroke.

  1. Accessories

Many people wonder what the first items they should buy to get started in the sport of golf. Usually, they think it’s the bag with the most expensive sticks on the market, and it turns out, no, it’s the gloves.

Gloves: the left-handed will acquire a glove for the right-handed and these, a glove for the left-handed. The material should be the one you feel most comfortable with, but it should be fantastic, so you don’t lose touch, let alone sensitivity. You must look for them to be well reinforced in hand, especially if you are learning.

Palos: for starters, you only need to buy one if you don’t want to rent. The average rental of a golf club is 2 Euros, but it is better to pay that before 30 Euros and then you get past the fever or no longer like this sport. On the Internet, there are also used clubs at a reasonable price.

Arranges: sometimes, when the ball stings on the Green leaves a footprint on the lawn, this can damage our development or that of our adversaries. In case you don’t know, the clamps loosen the ground and smooth the garden.

Bookmarks: when playing, the ball must be lifted to clean or other reasons; then, in order not to lose the mark of the exact position, this tool is used. They are usually round, flat, and plastic, which are placed in the precise place where the ball was left.

  • Accessories needed to play golf

Punctuation and support cards: the game record will be kept here. For convenience, there are plastic, metal, or wood supports.

Tees: it is a base support for the ball that will only be used in the first punch of each hole. It’s a nail with glass on its head. It is used by sticking it into the lawn, and the ball is placed on the park to make it easier to hit. Some are made of wood, and some are made of plastic.

Golf bags: it is one of the essential parts when playing golf. As well as carrying all the accessories we made known to you; the 14 standard clubs are placed in it. There is a wide variety of materials and colors for both men and women. The most important thing is that you adapt to our needs and so that your weight doesn’t make us uncomfortable, it’s best to wear a trolley.

Cleaners, shoes, brushes, complete repair kits, detergents, flags of practices, brushes, pulls, and cups, and wands to clean the dew, distance markers, and strings are some of the other accessories with which the practice of this sport makes it more accessible.

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